June 10, 2010

Playlist: A summer high

for all the lovers.

The emergence Kylie Minogue's Aphrodite Megamix spurred some email between The Richard and I about summer music and how it can transcend good taste (or your usual taste), as my recent shameful love of Katy Perry's California Gurls has done. Summer tunes both reflect and enhance the emotion you feel on a perfect summer day or night, especially when you are in a beautiful place. They tap into a particular version of you.

Now, if You are The
Richard, there is likely an existential moment each summer when you are listening to tunes while cruising over sweeping vistas in a convertible. Mallorca, Puglia, Cape Town. The places change, the summer highs always return.

Bananarama Love Don't Live Here (Ian Masterson Mix)
because the intro is grand excess
Gabriella Cilmi Hearts Don't Lie
girls can imitate the BeeGees too
Ellie Goulding Guns And Horse (Tonka Mix)
not quite as OTT as her Russ Chimes' Starry Eyed Mix, but au courant
Goldfrapp Alive
for the zapping effects
Mini Viva I Wish (Cahill Radio Edit)
after the girls of summer have gone
HURTS Better Than Love
because, hey, they may be the Next Big Failure
The Pipettes I Need A Little Time
Pips go poppers o'clock on the bridge
Diana Vickers My Hip
because Cobraestilo, Ultimate Boy of Summer, gave it to me

Dub Pistols Back To Daylight (Sunday Best Roller Skates Remix)
it's the one that'll provoke a "who is that?" response
Kelis with Benny Benassi Spaceship (Alex Guadino & Jason Rooney Remix)
sittin' on top of the world watching the stars go by, get high get high get high
Kelis 4th Of July (Richard X Mix)
like Buddhists chanting in Ibiza
Kelly Rowland
Commander (Guetta Extended Mix)
Lady Gaga Alejandro
you know it will dominate, so just give in to it
Katy Perry with Snoop Dog California Gurls
it melted my popsicle
Madonna Revolver (David Guetta One Love Remix)
living on the edge with this one
Scissor Sisters Any Which Way
if you smell like cocoa butter and cash
Diana Ross Remember Me (Almighty Mix)
because Rod Dale gave it to me and We Love Rod Dale
Kirsty MacColl My Affair
in case you end up sleeping with the President
Fyfe Dangerfield Faster Than The Setting Sun (New Version)
sounds good against wind
Sia Clap Your Hands (Fred Falke Remix)
easing back into the dance, every summer needs a Falke mix
Eve Gallagher Love Come Down
trailblazer, this woman was.
Cher Take Me Home (7:00 album version)
Apres surf. If you're tipsy you can do the "ooh take me!' bits Sophie could not muster

and, of course, Kylie's summer epic Aphrodite, in toto

This post is for Richard, of course. Here is a picture of Richard on vacay...


Tricky said...
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The Richard said...

Oh very good.
And it took HOURS to get that dove to pose like that.

As you know, I too have a list as long as your arm to sit alongside the songs above... and though it's not relevant on a 2010 list, I just mention one track which was my "whoooooosh!" moment of 2009. That's Chicane's 'Poppiholla (Club mix)'. It's... elegant. I can think of no higher praise in these parts.

Paul said...

what a lovely summer play list. i am particularly excited to see COmmander and Hearts Don't Lie in there as both are a bit poptastic to say the very least! many of my summer faves (so far) would have you running squealing for the hills so it's nice to have some correlation!

Parker said...

Loved the playlist and the "ultimate summer boy" thing