June 21, 2010

Mixtape: A little more grown up, a little less ramshackle Muppet-fest

At the time this post goes online, I will be on my way to see Goldfrapp for the very first time. Am going with Vinny So Hip It Hurts Vero. Will report back. (I always say that and rarely do, but I'll try).

Twitter has made me lazy on some level. I used to write long, thought-out reviews, but that seemed to die with the advent of my tweeting. One could say this is indicative of an existential problem with Twitter, but I love it and think the problem is more about how much time I have to tend to the web versus actual real life. It's summer and there is a world out there!

Has anyone heard the album by Lissie? I cannot make out what her identity is. Is she a pop radio chanteuse a la Sheryl Crow / The Corrs or is she a neo-country folkie of the Laura Marling school, but one who has a penchant for covering current radio hits?

Alexis Petridis interviewed Robyn in the Guardian last week. Of and Body Talk Parts 1 and 2 she says, "The working title for the first album was A Bunch of Songs. The second album was going to be called Some More Songs."

Speaking of Sweden, a friend introduced me to Elias And The Wizzkids, a Swedish indie pop act. I heartily recommend their song Oh These Nights - it's on iTunes.

The Guardian also has a good piece on The Scissor Sisters, whose new CD is out on June 28th. The killer quote is Jake about their next tour being "a little more grown up, a little less ramshackle Muppet-fest."

Pitchfork has a new Blonde Redhead song - for free. I've never quite committed to this band. Like Ladytron, they always seem on the verge, thought I'd argue that Ladytron nailed it on their last CD.

Madonna no longer makes music. She makes ad campaigns and her latest is about to hit. This time D&G are "inspired by" Anna Magnani.

By the way, that recent Madonna issue of Interview was nearly impossible to get. I get that mag in the mail, but it always arrives virtually destroyed (hint: I am not renewing).

Dear The Independent: Your music page looks like something from 2000. Please update.

Sting's taken the orchestral-covers-of-hits track, which is not a good sign. The worst bit? The record is called Symphonicity. How fucking cheap, trading off a classic Police album.

Stevie Nicks is FINALLY recording a new solo album in between her zillion live dates. One collaborator is Dave Stewart of Eurythmics. All we know is that recording has begun.

Dangerous Muse are still saying they are going to release their debut album. Just DO IT. Put it out online. Make it a cheap $6 and I will buy it. I was not impressed with their recent single I Want It All, but they had good collaborators on the CD and are capable of something better.

The Pipettes next single is Call Me - actually one of the lesser songs on their upcoming album.

Eminem now supports gay marriage. I assume he means it, but it's all a bit late. I am sure he still LOVES women, you know. [eyeroll]

Kele Okereke. Wow, what a total transformation in public image. Who knew he'd be flashing his guns and ass and going pop? I'd been under the impression his solo CD was a slapped-together affair, but I think I'm wrong. Single Tenderoni did not wow me, despite the title. But there are good tunes on the record like the pretty Yesterday's Gone or the frenetic On The Lam.

Sarah Nixey has self-produced a new album - yes Black Box Recorder is well and truly kaput - and she is shopping for a label to release it. Stay tuned.

Boy George is about to release a new 16-track album called Extraordinary Alien. It features his latest single, Amazing Grace, as well as the brilliant Yes We Can and Time Machine - remember that one with Amanda Blank Ghost. He is also on the new Mark Ronson album (out ??) singing Somebody To Love Me. He talks about it here, when it had a different title.
Which reminds me, where is Daniel Merriweather these days? Singing (beautifully) for his breakfast on TV in Hotlanta. The song, Red, is absolutely The Shit. A tearjerker of the first order. That Daniel did not take off is a failure of someone other than himself. He is lovely and amazing, end of. T

Finally, from the Evening Standard (!?) about a recent Gucci store opening in LDN:
Who let the wolf out? Halfway through his performance on a ukelele, avant-garde singer-songwriter Patrick Wolf announced to a not-so-attentive audience: '"I'm getting paid a thousand quid for this and I get a free Gucci suit, so f*** you if you don't want to listen." And then carried on.
Patrick is back on Twitter, by the way.

Oh. The BBC Chart Blog quoted me (on Robyn), y
ay me.


Michael said...

I like Lissie when she sings for Morgan Page.

Not a bad cover though.

countpopula said...

First of all, can't wait to hear about the Goldfrapp show. I saw them in the same venue you are for the Black Cherry tour--how time passes! Should be great.

Lots of good stuff to comment on here. Great news about Boy George--hopefully he will start getting his act together and get some much deserved respect in the long run. The duet Time Machine was, however, with Amanda Ghost (now president of Epic Records), not Amanda Blank (annoying electro-rap chick).

Sting, your Rod Stewart suit is waiting...

Dangerous Muse are still around? How would anybody know?

Pipettes have a mostly glorious album on their hands. Shame we can't actually support them financially by paying for it until September (maybe). I don't understand this philosophy of putting out records and letting everyone share them so when the album does come out, nobody remembers and the band gets no money. It's a sure fire way to bankruptcy (unless you're Radiohead or some other millionaire band).

Cool scoop on the Nixey.

Daniel Merriweather in the US=DOA. Where is the guy? He'll never sell records if he doesn't spend some serious time here.

Sounds like Patrick Wolf is one step away from becoming crazy Kelly of Real Housewives of NY fame. Seriously, he needs some psychiatric counseling if this continues. When the hijinx get bigger than the music, I quickly lose my fan faith.

I did notice your blogging begin to falter when twitter came along. Over 1000 tweets in a year? That explains it.

John said...

I have La Roux and Janelle Monae shows to post. I hope it happens. And I saw the quote on the Radio 1 blog. You are always quotable.

xolondon said...

Amanda Ghost. Fixed. You noticed my blog "falter"? Thanks! ;)

John, you man BBC right? Is there something I did not see?

Had no idea Lissie sang with Morgan Page!

Michael said...

Lissie did The Longest Road on his first album and several on his second , although she's no longer credited as Lissie there. I guess they are trying to keep her indie rockin' fans from knowing about her sordid dance flirtations.

countpopula said...

Sorry--"falter" was a poor word choice. How about "I noticed your blog activity begin to decrease..."

So, how were the Frappertronics anyhow? Did she remain the ever-elusive ice queen people continually harp on about?

John said...

Same blog...I automatically think "Radio 1". My bad.

xolondon said...

pooh, I wanted to take over the world. [shuffles off to library]

Paul said...

So much good stuff :)

Lissie - I do not get her, but my past love for acts like Sheryl and Shelby Lynne have waned in recent years...

Elias and The Whizzkids are quite good aren't they? I'm determined to make you love MotoBoy...

Am seeing Scissters on Friday. Very much excited. Fingers crossed for All The Lovers :)

Dangerous Muse? I feel let down. Ditto Isabel Guzman. So much promise. So very little delivery. One single per year and latest not very good? Bah!

Pipettes is good, the video is good :) It's like a long lost Bananarama album. Not related but did you know the Puppini's are returning?!

I think I will give Kele a go...

Patrick. Ugh. Words fail me.

D'luv said...

As if you'd ever leave your computer for the real world, luv.

Remind me who Dangerous Muse are again, luv?

You have an extra "and" in your second sentence in the Robyn bit, luv.

Do you need an extra copy of the Madonna Interview? I can send you mine, luv.

Ta, luv.