June 29, 2010

Dragonette's summer of sex

Dragonette, the most resilient, underrated, fizzy pop band in North America, have relaunched their website this week with a tidbit of news you may not have noticed....
What we hope you will pick up is our new warm weather single, which will be dropping around the time of our US and Native Land tour in August. It contains a new disco-drenched piece of loveliness called “Volcano” and “Our Summer” (a/k/a “My Summer of Sex”), which we have been playing on Tour for the past year.
Meanwhile, the TRULY EPIC Pick Up The Phone is the iTunes (US) Single of The Week. If you don't know it, download it here. The album, Fixing To Thrill, is on sale for $5.99 too. As PopJustice would say, Quite Literally Amazing.

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and read what I've said about them in the past. And finally, Stoneyroads has a cool new remix of album track Easy.

UPDATE: They're playing Arjan's show in Atlanta in mid-August. Details here!

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Jason R Fisher said...

I adore Dragonette. I've seen their live show twice (though I don't think they performed either of these songs at the shows I went to so looking forward to some new tunes.) Now if they'd only release a studio version of "Get Your Titties Off My Things", life would be complete.

PS: I love this single artwork. Ceci n'est pas une dragon.