May 9, 2010

Tracey Thorn's album streams in its entirety at NPR

You can now hear the new
Tracey Thorn album, Love And Its Opposite, in its entirety via NPR, the same US radio channel I wrote about yesterday. This is truly one of the best records of the year but, like many albums that hold up over time, you need to play it awhile to absorb it. My favorites include Why Does The Wind?, Hormones (one her best, most loving lyrics) and Kentish Town, a sort of mournful variation on the themes in Missing. And then there is the lush Swimming, a collaboration with Cortney Tidwell, that closes the album with a literally liquid sound. Gorgeous.

Oh,The Divorces! and Why Does The Wind? are offered now as free downloads at Tracey's site. The latter is a slightly shorter edit than the album version, but very similar. The full album is officially out on May 17 and my short 5-star review appears in the June issue of American mag Instinct.

For hardcore fans: Some of the demos are being released as The Berlin Sessions. In the UK, you can pre-order them as a limited edition bonus disc bundled with the album only via In the US, Merge Records releases them digitally via iTunes as a pre-sale only (ed: frown!). Japan and Taiwan will also be releasing them on a bonus CD. Tracey's cover of Ron Sexsmith's Child Star will also be a bonus track via UK iTunes & US Amazon MP3.

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Jason said...

I had just started on the thruway, en route to see my mom, about two hours away and decided to go through my twitter account quickly (yes, I was driving - don't judge.)

I quickly discovered Tracey's tweet and couldn't have been more excited to be able to stream via my iPhone the upcoming album. I now love technology just as much as I love Tracey!