May 25, 2010

The swag post: Microfilm and The Good Natured

My cyberfriend (above) Matt Keppel's band Microfilm has just released I Am Curious (Microfilm): Collected 2006-2010 (iTunes). It's singles, album tracks and covers (Sufjan Stevens' Chicago and Queen’s Body Language) You can also get I Am Rewired (Microfilm): Remixes 2006-2010 (iTunes). You can get free downloads on their Soundcloud.

Microfilm Am I Ever Gonna Fall Apart In NYC? (Astrolabe's Full Breakdown remix) MP3

The Good Natured is also offering a good remix of the Mode-y Your Body is a Machine this one done by Baby Monster. The proper single is out in July 5. She also has a new song called Kingdom on her myspace now.

Upcoming dates:
June 3rd Strongbow Stage @ Isle Of Wight Festival
July 16 Lake Stage @ Latitude Festival
Aug 22 Strongbow Stage @ V Festival

The Good Natured - Your Body Is A Machine (Baby Monster remix) by toto

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