May 25, 2010

The Return of Ed Harcourt

"Now the fat cats are crying over wasted milk / And the trees are bending over to make room for the moon / But a plague on on the house of cards they built / There's a ship on the horizon with menacing metal harpoon."

So begins Do As I Say Not As I Do, one of 11 perfect songs on Lustre, the new album by Ed Harcourt. His lyrics are the kind of linguistic puzzles that beg you to sing along.

I've liked Ed since he debuted in 2001, but never really gotten into an album from start to finish. He has a superb
Best Of collection with gems like Revolution In The Heart, All of Your Days Will Be Blessed, Until Tomorrow Then and Loneliness. More recently he's been working with Paloma Faith - he is writing with her now, but he also co-wrote her single Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?

Lustre is big leap ahead, potentially one my favorite albums this year. Evidence...

If you order the CD now, you can get an immediate download of the title track. Note that Ed will play various venues in London the week of June 14, the day the album is released.


joe*to*hell said...

lovvvvvve him

Paul said...

thanks for this recommendation - it's the antithesis of the bonkers pop i've been listening to lately and a much needed and welcome distraction. Lovely. Although different, it makes me long for tom baxter...

countpopula said...

Oooh, very excited about this. His last album Beautiful Lie was quite excellent. "Rain on the Pretty Ones" is still a favorite.

He's quite a nice chap too. I remember him playing a small, intimate venue in suburban Philly about 6 years ago, and I sat a couple feet away from him during dinner. Same venue where I saw Divine Comedy too, who, ironically, have an album releasing at about the same time (Neil Hannon is pure genius). I'll never forget how Ed was dressed in a lovely dark and velvet-y suit jacket, and proceeded to down a few glasses of red wine during the evening. Amazing talent to boot.

Thanks for the widget--I'll be picking this up in the shop!