May 1, 2010

Playlist: A soundtrack only I can hear

Nobody's Daughter Hole

I could carry on - and perhaps will soon- about my love/hate relationship with The Widow Love. If you've read that her new album is her best since Live Through This, it is so NOT. It does improve on America's Sweetheart, but only one song really captures what makes Courtney an enigmatic songwriter and one of rock's finest vocalists. Typically, this song has a spillage of attitude, but it's still a pop arrangement at heart. One line leaps out - I find myself chanting it over and over: "Don't tell me I have lost when clearly I've won." Time will tell, Courtney. Godspeed. Hear it via youtube or buy it now.

Who Made You The Doctor? The Pipettes
One of the new b-sides from the superb Stop The Music EP released by the current incarnation of The Pipettes. Timely, this song comes out just as London is swept away by the new Doctor Who, Matt Smith. The Pips have been playing it live for years, but Martin Rushent nails the production on the studio version with heavy bass and some gorgeous choral harmonies. Lucky Americans, Who Made You The Doctor is actually on US iTunes as well as the usual UK suspects.

At The Indie Disco The Divine Comedy
It's 15 years (eye pop!) since Neil's amazing arrival onto the UK charts with Something For The Weekend. The lead song from his new album begins like a cutesy little guitar track before the requisite lovely strings come in and add - as often happens on a DC song - so much more. Lyrically, it's a classic Neil Hannon narrative about a couple dancing to hits of the 90's - it name-checks Blur and (who remembers...) the Wannadies. watch the no-budget video at So Hip It Hurts.

One Touch Mini Viva
The ides of Mini Viva is so pleasing, and the execution would only be improved if this song still has its original title, Want A Candy? On one level it's a total ripoff of like ten Girls Aloud tracks (Sexy No No No being one) and it has that 90's house keyboard so au courant right now. But somehow it's just RIGHT. The Mini Viva album is shaping up to be the finest flop since Rachel Stevens' near perfect Come And Get it. watch it on youtube

One Less Bell To Answer Glee Cast (Will and April)
I grew up watching the Fame TV show and wishing I could break into song at any moment. My life is lived to a soundtrack only I can hear. So Glee, which I've just started watching, appeals to my inner drama fag. This song is a longtime favorite (as is most Burt Bacharach), if only for the fact it's built on a hilarious line, "one less egg to fry." Fake-baked Kristen Chenoweth, who I have mixed feelings about, and Matthew Morrison nail it. The arrangement is beautiful and weaves in A House Is Not A Home as well. Epic in a very floridly emotive way, which makes sense since it's a note for note rip of Streisand's versions of the same tracks! hear it on youtube

O.N.E. Yeasayer
On one level I could say Yeasayer is like Vampire Weekend with a bunch of boys who can actually dance - and how many Brooklyn bands do we need? This song, however, has such a genuinely happy ambiance, with layers of vocals and brilliant closing coda. Side note: I learned about it from pop maven Darren Hayes twittering on - a modern variation of nattering on - about it recently. see the whack video on youtube

painting by Fernando Botero


tea lady said...

I am too scared to listen to Courtney's new stuff as Live Through This was so amazing, I don't want anything to sully it.

One Touch reminds me mainly of both the talking section in Bad Romance (hips, lips, fashion status'....'walk walk fashion baby' ) and Girl Overboard by Girls Aloud, which is really no bad thing...

John said...

First off, brilliant catch by Tea Lady. I enjoy the track, but not nearly as much as "I Wish". "ONE" won me over a couple of months ago, but I don't seem to like the rest of the band's material as much as that track. (I clicked the vid link, and it went to a Groove Armada video) I have never been a Pipettes or Hole fan, and Glee just disturbs me, which leaves me to check out more of the Divine Comedy. Great track.

Vinny Vero said...

So the soundtrack only you can hear is performed by a chubby, oompah band?

Somehow I knew you would like "Indie Disco". Between TDC and the new Tracey Thorn, I think heaven has fallen to Earth.

countpopula said...

Big ups to Divine Comedy. That is a great little pop song!

The Yeasayer--It's good bit somewhat oblique, innit?

I am trying to like Glee, but I can't seem to get over the schlock-y-ness. I know it's a guilty pleasure for many--maybe I just need more time. Glad to see that you feel similarly about the Chenowith though--I.just.don'

I'll echo Vinny--I can't wait for the Tracey Thorn to hit my stereo!

Aaron said...

Ok Then - One Touch should be AMAZING!

As for Glee - Love it!

And a soundtrack only I can hear? Often in my life!

daavid said...

By the way things are looking right now, it doesn't look like the Mini Viva album is even gonna happen :(

D'luv said...

I actually really like the new Courtney Hole album. In fact, I just got back from LAX, where I was playing it while driving on the empty L.A. streets at 7:30 am on a Sunday morning...perfect time to listen to that old slag!

You should give "For Once In Your Life" and "Samantha" a second listen. Really good stuff going on there. P.S. I LOATHED her 2004 album. But still love Live Through This and Celebrity Skin.

If you think Glee is good now, you should go back and watch the first half of the season. Much, much better. It's slid downhill by swallowing it's own hype, stunt casting, stunt songing, etc.