May 3, 2010

The one where Madonna gives her fans glittery orgasms

Watch this. Ignore the shit song.

Read more at The Red Radio and Interview

Despite the interview being done by Gus Van Sant, Madonna seems to be just talking at him rather than with him in the first part. She warms up when talking about her new project, a film she is directing. Can she pull it off? Can she do a Tom Ford? All signs point to a hearty No, but never count her out.

As for the photos, check this out. I love the fanboy reaction of the (brilliant) Madonna Scrapbook site: "With one photo shoot, She has wiped the slate clean. Goodbye wannabe nothings. A new process is in order. "

Finally, a bit of news confirmed: If you are expecting an album of music from Madonna anytime soon, don't.


Brad said...

It wouldn't be the worst for her to detach from music for a hot minute or two. Let her remove herself from the industry and find a sound that inspires her (or the future sound that Gaga hasn't discovered yet.)

These pictures are killing me. So gorgeous. I can't.

xolondon said...

So gorrrgeous... You. cahn't. goooooooo. onnnnn.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, get that damn song out of there!

Myfizzypop said...

I never discount Madonna from the pop scene, i have confidence she will wow again at some point. Ditto Kylie :)