May 23, 2010

Mixtape: From here on out, I'll be your commander

Florence has taken to performing Swimming live now that she has a string quartet with her. Amazing. Listen to the vocals (the girls in the audience shut up soon). She didn't do it at my show (it's one of my favorite Flo songs), but she did amazing version of Rabbit Heart that turned into a 90's house rave-up about 3 minutes in (watch above). It's one of those moments to be in an audience with everybody shouting raise it up! raise it up!

Thrilled to see I made Chartrigger's Bitchiest Reader Comments. My little quote is amusing given what's happened since I said it. Although I still agree with the tabula rasa bit. I never saw ShaNayNay's return comment until today. Loves.

Speaking of Chartrigger: Cryptkeeper not so cadaverous here, is she?

Sad news: Adam Ant has gone nutters again. So much for his comeback. He says, "Ant fans - please send me postcards at the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, Fulham Road." Poor Adam, did I tell you you're wonderful?

Grace Jones. Fabulous interview. Pull quote "Lady Gaga isn't going to do anything for me; it'll do everything for her. I'm not there to validate anyone; validate yourself.'

Caitlin Moran just wrote what is probably one of the finest musical artist features (on Lady Gaga) since the days when Rolling Stone was not piece of shit. Read it in the Times.

BT's gorgeous song Every Other Way reminds me a lot of The Honeymoon, a group I adored back in like 2006.

The Knocks will be getting blogger play in the coming months. Their swingin' debut song Blackout is on Neon Gold right now as a free download. It's very good, but there is something about the intersection of pop and indie that's getting played out right now. I want one of these acts to produce a great album, not just one or two songs.

For those of you who follow PopJustice, did you see that the pathetic, perpetually lonely Dumper got to meet Mini Viva? He finally has some friends.

Tracey Thorn's fantastic album is out now worldwide. Her next single Why Does The Wind? is out June 14 and will actually have remixes (!) from Morgan Geist, Michel Cleis and Andre Lodemann. The Morgan Geist remix is streaming at There is a great interview at Subba Cultcha and you can download free track Why Does The Wind?

Marina & The Diamonds release The Family Jewels in America on May 25. Strangely, the press release says Rootless - one of my favorites from the album - is "a collision of icicle notes and galloping rhythms," but the song does not appear on the US CD! It's been dropped in favor of Seventeen. Be sure you get Rootless somehow.

Ellie Goulding's new single Guns And Horses has a brilliant remix by Tonka. Had I been at the helm, I might have made Every Time You Go or This Love the next single.

Kulpop went to see the a-ha tour.
Watch the little youtube video he has. Morten Harket is 50! Look at his leather-encased ass and enjoy it. There are literally a few years left before it sags to the floor.

Xtuna Aguilera's record sounds like a disaster. The only leaked track that seems worthy is the Sia co-write, which sounds ripped from Sia's last album. Christina has been carrying on with herself in the press about having a baby and her womanly body, yadda yadda, as if she is the first woman to have a baby. She may think she is if Sia's recent statement that Christina never leaves her house is true.

Scissor Sisters: I have two bits of inside info: 1) They left off a really long epic that they felt was too big to fit on the CD and 2) They collaborated with Goldfrapp on a song that may see the light - the invisible light - of day as a b-side. Thanks source!

Which reminds me. Goldfrapp's new video is ass. As I said on So Hip It Hurts, it's a muddled collection of visual references. They should have just stuck with the Xanadu thing... I love the part where she zaps people and they glow. Otherwise the whole thing looks embarrassingly amateur. Head First is my favorite album of 2010 (so far), but I wish they would release a video with some depth. Maybe Dreaming, but I am not sure that is a single?

The MIA video that hit a few weeks ago. This a very late commentary, but I didn't. like. it. one. bit. Right now there is a creepy thing happening in pop culture, putting children into violent situations, either as the victim or as the perpetrator (see Kick Ass). Now, there'd be a place for that if these particular "works" made any new or thoughtful statements about violence, but honestly MIA's message is not remotely original. I really cannot think of a case were horror porn has crossed into music in that way. Someone on Twitter questioned me about it and said I was overreacting - that it was "desensitized" gore. Culture has become desensitized and that is my point. Is the MIA video well made? Of course. But well made does not mean it contributes anything.

Diana Vickers has covered Hit by The Sugarcubes (hear it). She slaughtered it, but I like her moxy for choosing such a good song. Better is Notice, a sweet little tween's you-don't-notice-me tune (hear it). It was written by Ellie Goulding and Guy Sigsworth, who produced it as well. Note that Starsmith did the song You'll Never Get To Heaven (hear it).

Darren Hayes, who was just in LA finishing his new album. turned me onto a song that most bloggers had not been able to get me to listen to: O.N.E. by Yeasayer. (that's YAY SAYER for those who read the word and think huh?). Love it. The video is purposefully whack, like a Hot Chip video.

I love Fyfe Dangerfield. Red Radio has a bit on how he's covered a Billy Joel song I CANNOT STAND. He's also re-released his album with added tracks and a souped up, poppier version of his next single. Neon Gold, meanwhile, has a great bonus track called Headache.

I recently went insane and kept playing a sappy old Wilson Phillips song this morning - Goodbye Carmen. A song they wrote for their maid. One of the lines is "Goodbye Carmen, hasta manana or who knows when." I cannot make this shit up.

Back to the present, surely Kelly Rowland's single Commander is one of THE songs of summer? I think she needs to capitalize on the moment and speed up the album's release date. Ten killer songs, a la Kelis.

MuuMuse just graduated today. Congratulations Brad!

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Mr. Will-W. said...

ooh Scissor Sister tips! It doesn't look like Xtuna's Goldfrapp collabo is gonna make the cut. What a waste, like the rest of "Bionic". blah.

I am still not seeing what people love about "Commander" so much!?

"The Writer" should be a single re: Ellie!! Totally summer.

xolondon said...

I saw your comment on Chartrigger's Bitchy comments list, Will. S-L-U-T!

Dan said...

I have a soft spot for that Wilson Phillips album - it's completely indefensible, but it is what it is. The ones I really like are "Don't Take Me Down," "This Doesn't Have To Be Love," and "Fueled For Houston." A friend of mine recently flew to Phoenix via Houston and naturally, we had to ask if the jet was fueled for Houston, coming for you, for you, for you.

Anonymous said...

Right there with you on the new Goldfrapp video. They are capable of so much more. It's not even cheesy/campy in the right sort of way. Bummer.

countpopula said...

I think the thoughts on the Frapp vid were something like "vampires are big now, but our album is so Xanadu, so let's mix em up!" I found it endearingly camp and she looks fabulous as ever. Remember the A&E vid? The forest comes alive? They obviously like having a bit of fun, and I liked the fact that the blood was blue and glittery! Plus, a neon coffin! Nice reference to the "I'm alive again" lyics too. Guess we don't see eye to eye on this one, but you should compare the recent Hot Chip vid--the are not THAT dissimilar.

You'll probably also be upset that I like the MIA clip--I think it points out how ridiculous these crusades to rid the world of "dangerous" people are, and where does it end? We need to learn more about reaching out to achieve our goals rather than using force to eliminate people. All that does is create more hatred from those left to pick up the pieces. I see your point about the video, but I think it can be thought provoking, and I like the fact she isn't even in it!

We'd better get these Scissor songs somewhere--the two we've heard are two of the best songs this year.

I love Florence, but is it just me or does she have trouble hitting the high notes in concert? She needs to watch how she blows her voice out or she'll lose it.

How can Xtuna talk up all these collabs and then release the crap that is Not Myself Tonight? Now THERE'S a video to get angry about.

I love Grace and understand what she says, though she is being a little hypocritical. Hasn't she collaborated with members of Duran Duran in the past? Wasn't she on Pee Wee Herman's show? Look, she is a singular talent with a BLAZING persona, but would it kill her to be nice when somebody pays her compliments? I seriously don't think most Lady Gaga fans even know who she is, so it might educate them. Maybe Marc Almond is available instead?

Just heard the Fyfe Dangerfield today. I don't see why critics have been so harsh. Much of it gets him back on track with the great first Guillemots record (my favorite album the year of its release). That Yeasayer song is very good. Right now listening to a new band called Gayngs--not ALL great, but they say 10cc is a big influence, and there are some nice, 70's-vibe experimental electronic tracks plus a druggy remake of Godley & Creme's "Cry".

Congratulations on making Chartrigger's bitchy list. That takes some doing!

Poor Adam. Nuff said.

Sam said...

You should investigate more Yeasayer than just "O.N.E." They kill it live, and "Madder Red" off the Odd Blood album is pretty epic. Plus, did you see the "Ambling Alp" video?

Saw Penguin Prison at a free show the other week. Fantastic and fun.

Brad said...

Aww, thank you for the shout!

Agreed about all of the above as per usual.

John said...

I do love "O.N.E", but most of the rest leaves me a bit cold. And sadly, does anyone even care about Xtina's album? Two months ago, everyone was rooting for her a la Britney's "Blackout", and now it's a mockery of a comeback. Huge misstep. I like but don't love the Fyfe. I got a copy to review, and the record company is promoting it via "She's Always a Woman", which isn't even available in the US. But being a boy raised in NY, I do love a good Billy Joel cover, and he handles it well.

Ryan said...

Don't agree with you about the Goldfrapp video....I thought it was fantastically ironic. Regardless of the vampire schtick....I like the minimal set and the jazzercize routine. I don't think they were going for anything but fluff and they succeeded...I wasn't expecting a literal interpretation of the lyrics and I was happy it didn't go down that road. Boring.
Agreeing to disagree.


Scissor Sisters -- Love Electroqueer's interview with Ana Matronic...a total return to form for the band after Ta-Dah!, which was anything but thrilling.

Florence -- Saw her last year and Matt from the Music Slut loved her that night. I didn't get it I guess. While I really enjoyed the album and I love the songs and her voice, she had TERRIBLE intonation problems throughout the entire concert. I'm really not into singers who can't sing a melody on pitch...but that's my personal taste. When you're music is so great it's a total let down. said...

Am I the only one that thinks the Yeasayer lead singer looks like he's singing into a glass dildo in the video? That's one that not even Hot Chip have done yet...

D'luv said...

I think you meant to say the SS video is ass, right? Because the Goldfrapp one is klassy. And it does stick somewhat to the Xanadu theme -- you know, with lesbian vampires, to boot.

Anyway, something tells me you'll always wind up on the bitchy comments roundup, luv.

Oh, and my word verification for this? "Workit." You gay.