May 27, 2010

Madonna for MDG

Cougar Rio Madonna is back, this time in what appears to be a mirrored CSI office toilet with someone other than Jesus (she shipped that one off to boarding school). He actually looks a bit like a baby Tony Ward.

Not sure what the soundtrack is? Anyone know?


joe*to*hell said...

its actually revolver....dunno who mixed it

xolondon said...

Thanks jth - loved your linking of The Bieber to Fonda Klute, by the way

Anonymous said...

In merry Winchester (where I grew up) there is a hardware store called D&G which I hadn't visited for years - hilariously today I noted they had a front page article about madonna working with D&G in their window, and a marvellously shit collection of faux D&G objets in the shop -how fabulous is that? Also the guy who works
inside is a bit like freddie mercurys country cousin and, no matter what the time of year he always wears short shorts.

Fabulous - I thought I would share that.

xolondon said...

A hardware store with a man in hotpants? He sells studs and screws and plungers etc etc?