May 8, 2010

Lucas in love

For my friends who follow the work of indie artist Lucas Miré - and those who've not heard him - today (Saturday the 8th) is Lucas's birthday. To celebrate, he is giving away free downloads of both of his albums today only via his website.

Meanwhile, Lucas is heading into the studio to work on two new projects, both EPs (like Robyn an Keane!) with a new producer. Expect the first one to reflect Lucas's love of late 80's hair metal bands like White Snake, Warrant, Cinderella and Skid Row.* The second EP will have shadings of electronica.

[*Ed: Is this true? XO: Maybe not]

1 comment:

Myfizzypop said...

excellent. I do adore Lucas and am shamed that I have not written about him recently. I shall look into rectifying that shortly :)