May 11, 2010

Karen Elson, murder balladress

I have been quietly obsessing over Karen [XO's Fave Model] Elson's debut single, The Ghost Who Walks. Seriously, I used to have her pics on the walls of my first apartment. She must have been like 15 yrs old at the time, discovered by Steven Meisel for Italian Vogue. Now she's recorded an album in Nashville with her husband, The Jack White.

The Times just did a nice piece on her that's worth your time. Although this album was recently recorded, it's really been years in the making, as she slowly developed into a musician. Karen is no novice, as the single will attest...

Writers love to come up with insipid ways of describing music via references, so I'll have a stab: The Ghost Who Walks is a midnight garden party in Bon Temps, Louisiana, with Karen, Nick Cave, Jim Morrison (pre-bloat!) and Charlotte Gainsbourg playing songs around a fire. I am obsessed with the tinkly bits in the chorus. Brilliant. Her 12-track album, also called The Ghost Who Walks, is out on May 25th.

Regarding the title of this post, is balladress a word? I think it's balladeer, which sounds too masculine. Who cares. Karen is going on a wee little tour in Europe and the States in May. Someone report back to me...


A1 said...

awesome site !
added you to my BlogRoll

hope you do the same


Paul said...

It took me a few listens but it's rather lovely... very evocative visually. i would be a tiny bit scared replacing On A Mission with this on my walk to work!