May 17, 2010

It was a circumstance I got the power from.

Kelly Rowland

With David Guetta of course (I love watching him in the background), and on iTunes now. I can imagine drag queens tearing up Commander this summer. There's something so pleasing about the rise of Kelly Rowland, the underdog, short-haired sister dragged around by Beyonce for so long. And I love that she's the child that left home. Went and found herself in the discos of Ibiza and St Tropez...


I'm not ashamed of winning, but it wasn't that way in the beginning. A Eurodance track that begins with such a heavy line is the first clue that Brave is beyond. The breakdown in the middle eight (at 2:24) gives me chills - very Mirwais and Madonna in their Music era ten years ago.

I've decided I am getting too lumpy, so I think I'll just dance my way through summer. Seriously. Have you ever danced until you though you would fall over dead? I have. Apex, Secrets, weddings and bar mitzvahs, look out. And if I DO fall over dead, I can think of far worse/tedious ways to go.

Other come-to-Jesus dance mixes I recommend right now:

Kelis Acapella (Raw Man Remix) hear it
Agnes Release Me (Nevins Extended Mix)
Robyn Dancing On My Own (Michael Woods Remix Edit) hear the club length
Robyn Dancing On My Own (Jakwob Remix) hear it
Benny Benassi with APL and Kelis Spaceship hear it
Scissor Sisters Invisible Light (Stuart Price 12-inch Remix) hear it


Kate said...

Sounds like a plan - we should implement this in old folks homes.

xolondon said...

That is simultaneously sweet AND Machiavellian. I like it.

Vinny Vero said...

There are a few moments in that clip where she looks very much like a disco era Donna Summer.

So far, KR has two spine tingly dance smashes under her belt. I like this direction for her. She really needed a clear identity outside of DC.

Paul said...

Loving the direction that Kelly Rowland is taking. It seems to me that bloggers are writing her more than they are about Kylie at the moment! I suspect both will rule the summer though...

Aaron said...

Agreed - Kelly Rowland seems MADE for dance - I still believe It's The Way You Love Me is a modern classic!

As for Kelis - Again sounds VERY exciting - Very interested!

John said...

It's going to be a Kelly, Kelis and Kylie summer. Hopefully Special K won't make a comeback to spoil the fun.

Towleroad has the WAWA and MMB Anthem Remix for Kylie posted, and it matches the brilliance of the original with more of a bang. And I'm also loving the other new Kelly track "On and On", although I doubt it will be more than an album track.

John said...
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