May 7, 2010

Fire With Fire first listen

You can stream the new Scissor Sisters song Fire With Fire via the BBC Player - fast forward to 1:46. It's a blue skies/optimism kind of affair, isn't it?

Thanks Popjustice and the forums


Tricky said...

Cripes that's good.

Anonymous said...


this album is going to be ERA DEFINING.

Isn't it brilliant that hes using less falsetto - the tone of his voice is just beautiful... also now the naysayers have one less thing to turn their noses up... leaving Mika stranded alone on the desert island of squeakiness.

sigh. we may have the conservatives - but at least the scissor sisters are here.


countpopula said...

One word--EUPHORIC.

Quite simply this has vaulted to the top of the must hear/must own pop albums of the summer (along with Kylie). If "Invisible Light" wasn't thrilling enough...

Nice comments about Jake singing a bit more naturally here. Beautiful.

Was Stuart Price involved with this project as well? Immense.

Paul said...

i like it a lot. it's more what i imagined the solo Brandon Flowers project to sound like, but that's perfect. Very cheery!

Dark Blue said...

Sounds fresh for them, a little too Freddie perhaps... Not really a fan but I might give the album a go.