May 18, 2010

Didn't it blow your mind...

Plan B made his name as a thickly accented London rapper in 2007 with his debut Who Needs Actions When You Got Words. On his new album, The Defamation of Strickland Banks, he comes out as an AMAZING SINGER of incredible soul music with rap laced throughout. Torr* likens it to McAlmont and Butler, though Amy Winehouse and Daniel Merriweather are obvious references, along with the sound Mayer Hawthorne attempted recently.

Just out in the UK and topping the charts, this album is really special.
It's worth noting that it was produced by Paul Epworth (my favorite producer of 2009) in a very different style to his work with Florence + The Machine and Jack Penate.

The album's lead track Love Goes Down reminds me of the music on AM radio when I was very little, riding in the backseat of a white Cutlass Supreme - we called it the Milk Bottle - in Kansas City, Missouri. Melted caramel. Check it:

Note, Plan B, whose full name is Benjamin Paul Ballance-Drew, is also an actor, now appearing in the Michael Caine movie Harry Brown.

Plan B's website

* THANKS Torr!

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didn't realize it was same producer as Jack Penate, love the sound of Jack's latest album!