May 12, 2010

Announcement: Flo returns with a new song on June 8

Florence + The Machine have contributed a brand new track to the soundtrack of Twilight: Eclipse called Heavy In Your Arms. Bring us an epic, Flo.

Meanwhile, her new video for Cosmic Love is out now. The LED dress is swell, but the video is without much merit. She seems to have wandered onto the set of Alex Gardner's I'm Not Mad. Regardless, the song itself is one of her finest. My favorite moment is at 1:34 when the heavy metal guitars briefly leap to the front of the mix. When I first heard this song, I truly Lost. My. Shit.

Florence And The Machine Cosmic Love:

2 comments: said...

This song gets the credit for making fully realize how amazing F+TM really is. Seriously, I heard it again, and I was all, "WTF was I thinking? THIS IS BRILLIANT".

xolondon said...

Had you doubted it!?