April 22, 2010

Tracey Thorn: Why Does The Wind?

Stereogum has premiered a new track from Tracey Thorn's May 17 album Love And Its Opposite. This is one of the uptempos on the album - a pleasingly urgent song called Why Does The Wind? I love the lyric at the end: Why not just kiss?

How often have you wanted to say that to someone?

Download Why Does The Wind? NOW

* Minor quibble: They say the album is produced by Ben Watt and Ewan Pearson. I don't think Ben, her husband, is a producer on this. Just Ewan.

1 comment:

countpopula said...

OK, I'll be first. Amazingly great. Can she do no wrong? Glad to hear it's not all so soft and acoustic.

Thanks for pointing this song out--I am very excited for the full length.