April 11, 2010

Ellie Goulding amidst the flora and fauna

Ellie Goulding Guns and Horses:

Hmmm. Ellie's new video, shot in Los Angeles. It appears to have had an actual budget.
  • The female dancers. What does it all mean? Is it an esoteric Statement or random tits and ass?
  • The male dancers. Now this is golden: they have VPL. Visible penis lines.
  • Or are they actually the cast of Glee? Whatever, they do literally supply the guns.
  • The white horse threw Madonna AND Alison Goldfrapp and rode over to Ellie, who wisely did not mount it.
  • Ellie is wearing plaid flannel. Bringing back grunge.
  • The weird new "I do it all for you" chanted ending is... demode.
What do you think? Is everybody starry eyed?


Michael said...

She kinda looks like young Laura Dern there.

DanProject76 said...

Is it hideously out of synch or am I drunk again?

I do like it though!

xolondon said...

True re Laura Dern! Dan, I just fixed it. The official embed is not viewable in America. Thanks, Vevofuckers.

Vinny Vero said...

I keep thinking she's singing "guns and horsies". Cute.

Jason said...

I don't quite understand the flannel amid riding gear but I love Ellie and the song. :)

Myfizzypop said...

i think the backing dancers are from Pineapple Dance Studios which now has it's very own cult following due to it's insanely bonkers docu-soap programme on British telly. You should google Louie Spence and for a right proper laugh Starman - Dance (can't remember full title, but include Andrew Stone for a view of the world's most confident but never will be a popstar person)

KulPop said...

Love the song, one of my favourites off "Lights", the video is pretty bad, I'm surprised Ellie was okay with it. It comes off like a bad record company idea, not a creative idea from the artist herself.