April 8, 2010

10 Facts from your Librarian XO

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen me doing a little factoid thingy the other night. Let's face it, it's a world of hearsay, so here are ten (plus one!) actual current musical truths.

Fact #1: Karen Elson, ginger model/Lady de Jack White, can SING. And she is the most beautiful girl evah. Evidence

Fact #2: One of the new Paul Epworth-produced Florence & The Machine songs is called Strangeness and Charm. Evidence

Fact #3: Nada Surf has recorded a lovely and very faithful cover of Kate Bush's Love And Anger. Evidence

Fact #4: The always gorgeously orchestrated The Divine Comedy has a new record out May 31 called Bang Goes The Knighthood. Evidence

Fact #5: Joan Jett, a woman who has climbed the mountain of Rock, has a new face. Whatever, she fucking rawks. Evidence

Fact #6: The embattled BBC6 has a podcast I've downloaded for about a year - Music Week. Love it. One of the hosts used to be in Menswear. Evidence

Fact #7: Courtney Love has a new "single" on iTunes US called Pacific Coast Highway. The non-fact is that it's not as good as Malibu. Evidence

Fact #8:
Delays new album (out June 7) is called Star Tiger, Star Ariel. You can get the mellow first song Find A Home for free now at their website. Evidence

Fact #9: I Blame Coco is singing with some group called Sub Focus on their new song Splash. It's quite vibey. She needs to slam us with an album this summer. Evidence

Fact #10: Little lost boy
Patrick Wolf has a new deal with Mercury Records imprint Hideout to release his next record, The Conqueror. Evidence

Fact #+1: Tying it all up with
Patty Wolf AND Kate Bush, Patrick has covered her Army Dreamers for charity. Evidence

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Sam said...

Non-fact: Nothing will ever be as good as Malibu.