March 18, 2010

When Kevin Smith met Prince

Kevin Smith is the director of the great American classic movie Clerks. A few years back he was invited to do some work with Prince and... it didn't end up so well. It should not come as a surprise that Kevin is a brilliant storyteller. The way he unconsciously layers in references to Prince song lyrics/titles is hilarious ("Don't talk to me like I'm fucking Appollonia!" or "...This is what it sounds like when Kev's fucking pissed.")

Note: If you want to watch the whole thing, this is a 30 minute time commitment, but it's worth it.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

There is actually a full DVD called An Evening with Kevin Smith.

PS: Yes, I am still away on my trip. Back next week!


John said...

I love Prince, but realize he's probably a DB. I also love Kevin Smith, and want to be part of his entourage (if he had one). Thanks for sharing it!

countpopula said...

I had heard about this briefly, but wow. This is what happens when somebody gets such an inflated sense of ego and they begin inflicting it upon everyone surrounding them. Nice to hear a rather candid account from Smith about his encounters with Mr. Purple.

Honestly, P's recent work isn't a patch on his stuff up to the mid 90's (even that is a stretch), and ironically it has very little to do with the cursing angle Smith refers to, and more to do with the clinical nature of the music, mostly based in funk and rock--music of a decidedly non-clinical background.

Thanks for helping put some things in perspective by illuminating this.

Hope you have a good trip home from the UK, and that the BA strike doesn't ruin your zest for travel.

Mr. Will-W. said...

such an odd pairing! hope u're having fun!! xo