March 9, 2010

Mixtape: London's mine.

In case I have not mentioned it 1000 times, I am going to disappear for awhile. [giddy arm flapping occurring now] I'll be in London as of Friday AM, on and off for about 10 days. I doubt I'll be online much, but rest assured I'll give you all the details when I return. If I can easily check in, of course I will. British Airways may strike on my flight out, so my London friends should be prepared for me to make a fast segue into a bartender or hotel maid or houseboy.

Speaking of Londontown, The Gadsdens are at Kensington Roof Gardens on Friday night the 12th. I maybe there if I am not collapsing from jet lag. My moptop hair is long gone after that gangly manchild Mika stole my thunder, so don't be looking for that...

I've just reviewed Lucky Soul's new disc. It's a natural progression from the last one - very good, if not reaching quite the highs of their debut.

New Yorkers: I was just thinking about the long lost kitsch store Little Ricky's at 1st Ave on the LES. It's where my friend Krissy and I got our Dancing Kids, whom she has since taken around the world on a photographic tour. The Dancing Kids are, I think, our spirits embodied in pieces of shoddily painted plastic. (Oh wait, that also works as a description on my body. Hmmph.)

Worrapolava's Phil has written a song with Holestar, the Victor/Victoria come to life (a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman - though I have not groped her to confirm). It's a sort of filthy, cheap dance track you can check out here.

The Alex Gardner video for I'm Not Mad. What an epic fail ('00's Cliche Alert). As has been noted by many, they flew him to California to stick him in a room full of mirrors with a static camera. His stoner chic persona doesn't work here and he's so heavily filtered and made up that he looks to be about 12. He's not that far off of twelve but he is legal if you get my drift. Why not do something Bruce Webery since he looks like a baby Chet Baker. Let's hope the next single is Heartbreak and a more worthy visual is created.

Please note that the Gardner video is the first case I've seen of Vevo blocking content around the world. Inane. If you are in America and you want to watch it, you're shit outta luck.

The Times asks "Can Alphabeat make it big?" I dunno, how big do you want it? Bada bing!

Still amused by Frankmusik's recent naked hard peen incident that mad it to PopJustice Forums. Vince needs to do more of that (actually I suspect he does a LOT of that, just not in a studio on cam). The placement /action of his left forefinger was a nice detail. What does that mean for those who did not see the pic? You'll have to find out for yourself.

I was tweeting with Adem about who needs to do similar nude pics and came up with this: Oh! Anders, the singer from Alphabeat, needs to "pull" (haw haw) a Vince Frank. Might need a vertical pic though. Which makes my earlier "Can Alphabeat make it big?" comment above all the more appropriate.

Morrissey fans will enjoy this Quietus piece on non-45 Moz classics

If you are an Abba fan, check out Fizzypop Paul's Top Ten Abba Album Tracks post.

Paul is also right to link up the new group Caro Emerald to Lily Allen. I think they sound like a worldlier and more musically adept Lily. And perhaps more for the adults than the kids. They are a group to keep an eye on.

P Viktor reviews Ellie Goulding's flawless album Lights.

Microfilm has done a remix of Roisin Murphy's brilliant-yet-flop single Momma's Place.

Courtney Love's (it ain't Hole, m'kay?) new single is crap. Hear it/mourn about it at Chartrigger. While it is good to hear her voice again (which I will always love), can we just move right along and hope there is something good on the album?

There will be just a few posts while I am away, including one this Friday on a very British new talent... everybody be well and I will be back soon.

image by Miroslav Sasek


John said...

I saw the image at the top of the page, and I was instantly missing London. Have a wonderful time, and bring back lots of amazing memories, okay?

Myfizzypop said...

Yes please to better alex videos, yes please to more alphabeat success, yes please to holestar and yes please to caro emerald. But mostly yes yes yes to you being in England!

Jason said...

Have the best time in London. I so need to make it back there soon. Take me with you!?

Morrie said...

Have a wonderful holiday here in London. Wrap up warm!

Adem With An E said...
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Adem With An E said...

The Vince pic is a daily must-see!!

So jealous. Have a blast, can't wait to hear all about it when you're back online proper ;) x

dishy said...

Hey Dishy! I used to work at Little Ricky in the late 80s! We had the wildest time - met some of the greatest people - and that fantastic photo booth!

Dishy XO

countpopula said...

Happy England! Have a safe and wonderful journey!

Jason said...

Am I the only one who hasn't seen this pic of Vince? After some extensive searching I still came up empty handed. :-/

D'luv said...

Safe travels! And, ahem! If you're in America and you want to watch the Alex Gardner video, you've been able to watch it here for three weeks.