March 25, 2010

Cover Story: Hole's Nobody's Daughter

Not terrible, but not wow either. I guess Courtney realized her face is too jacked up on filler and botox to be photographed, which is a shame since she is a brilliant model. And the logo is so... 1992 indie Hole.

I could care less about the makeshift single (Skinny Little Bitch), but am eager to hear the album. Her original single choice (Samantha) was pulled due to a potential legal battle with Uncle Fester (aka Billy Corgan). Dramarama, as per usual in Loveland.


Sam Ross said...

it's no celebrity skin (come back melissa and eric), but it's way better than her solo album shitshow.

D'luv said...

Luv, Courtney's face has always been too jacked up for the album covers. The closest we got was that blurry, smoke (literally) and mirrors pic on Celebrity Skin, no?