March 31, 2010

2010: Q1 I Heard It On The Radio... or not

This is what happy and relaxed looks like, in Paris, March 18, 2010.

Every year I think, Have all the melodies been used? No, clearly, they have not. A great year for music thus far. This list has been compiled in the post-haze of my vacation, so I am sure something has slipped my mind. I could have included so many more songs from Ellie, Laura Marling, Goldfrapp (who still dominated) and Marina, but I wanted to keep this mix-length. Which ones will make it to my Top for 2010?

You can hear them by clicking on the title...

Jonsi Tornado
Sade Soldier Of Love
The Pipettes Stop The Music
Goldfrapp Rocket
Marina And The Diamonds Shampain
Ellie Goulding This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)
Alex Gardner I'm Not Mad
The Courteneers You Overdid It Doll
Goldfrapp Dreaming
Groove Armada Cards To Your Heart
Linda Sundblad Serotonin
The Bird And The Bee I Heard It On The Radio
Roisin Murphy Momma's Place
Fyfe Dangerfield High On The Tide
Lucky Soul White Russian Doll
Penguin Prison The Worse It Gets
Melody Gardot Our Love Is Easy from 2009
Laura Marling Goodbye England (Covered In Snow)
Katharine McPhee Surrender
Goldfrapp Hunt

What did I forget?

Worthy recent albums: Fyfe Dangerfield, Sade, Marina & The Diamonds, Ellie Goulding, Goldfrapp, Laura Marling

What's coming: Keane, Tracey Thorn, Jonsi, Sia, Penguin Prison, Rufus Wainwright, Stornoway, The Divine Comedy

Disappointments: Singles by Hole, HURTS, albums by Amy MacDonald, Massive Attack (some will differ on that) and, of course, the career-ending Sugababes album, which did not even make me want to say "RIP"


daavid said...

Where's Mini Viva? Did you not like "One Touch"?

xolondon said...

Not as much as I liked I Wish. I don't even have an MP3 of One Touch yet...

DanProject76 said...

Great list! I would add the following but then I'll be doing my own sometime soon:

Corinne Bailey Rae: I'd Do It All Again.
Melting Ice Caps: Ohio.
Groove Armada feat Will Young: History (but you have another song from that album).
Mavis feat Sarah Cracknell: When I Walk With You.
Bright Light Bright Light: A New Word To Say.
Performance: The Living.

mfavre said...

what a great list! you managed to introduce me to some songs i hadn't hear of, and represented some of my favs. thanks!! what about the new gabriella cilmi album, not a fan? or how the new robyn song, or sunday girl's "four floors"?

KulPop said...

Nice list, check out 'Bright Light Bright Light' - A New Word To Say (James Yuill Remix).

That and the "The Worse It Gets" by PP are current faves of mine.

xolondon said...

I did not realize Sarah C was on the Mavis record!?

Cilmi - I actually bought that in impulse in London. Heart Don't Lie is great, in particular. Not in to Fembots and need to investigate Sunday Girl more.

Kul - I have the BLBBLx2 and like that a lot. Is it considered namedropping to say that he sat next to me at my party in London?

xolondon said...

PS I love the Will Young/GA song! LOVE

countpopula said...

Great list! I also liked Peter Gabriel's version of "The Book of Love", Dephic's "Halcyon", Hot Chip's "Alley Cats", and Alphabeat's "DJ".

You should check out Sambassadeur's European if you have not--very Camera Obscura-ish.

I have warmed to Charlotte Gainsbourg and Ellie Goulding--wasn't sure at first.

Why the Hurts backlash, and any Scissor Sisters news yet? As the Brits say, Blimey.

xolondon said...

The HURTS song is not very good! But I do have a good Hot Chip song recommended by Richard - I Feel Better. The synthy one that reminds me a LOT of Jay Jay Johanson.

Scissors out in summer. Need to check in on that.

Will check out that band you mentioned.

Jason said...

Which HURTS song? I'm really enjoying "Wonderful Life." Ellie Goulding and Marina have been getting a lot of plays recently (probably more than Goldfrapp) and VV Brown has been happy poppy music. I personally would add She & Him ("Thieves"), Broken Bells ("The Ghost Inside") and Alphabeat ("Hole In My Heart") to my list. And of course Groove Armada feat Will Young. :)

xolondon said...

The HURTS song I dislike is Better Than Love. Wonderful Life should be an official single, clearly!

countpopula said...

Forgot to say thanks for namechecking Melody Gardot. I've been trying to get people into her for a couple years now. My fave from her last album is "Your Heart is as Black as Night" (a real "up" one, can't you tell?)

Sam said...

do you know class actress? you might like "adolescent heart." and the new yeasayer single is pretty epic.

monkeydrum said...

What a great list! Spot on as usual. A few suggested addditions:

Sunday Girl - Four Floors
Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work
Acrylics - Molly's Vertigo
Class Actress -Journal of Ardency