February 17, 2010

RED ALERT: Tracey Thorn is back!

Out May 13. Nice font on that cover. Font whores rejoice!

01 Oh, the Divorces! (a piano/chamber music piece - free MP3 at traceythorn.com)
02 Long White Dress
03 Hormones
04 Kentish Town
05 Why Does the Wind?
06 You Are A Lover (Unbending Trees cover)
07 Singles Bar
08 Come on Home to Me (w/Jens Lekman, a Lee Hazlewood cover)
09 Late in the Afternoon
10 Swimming

Follow Tracey on Twitter - she has a great, dry sense of humor.


midnight lounge said...

yeah! Loving the typeface. The stock photo is warming up to me a bit, but I'm sure it'll all come together once I give it a complete listen. I'm super-excited for some new TT music.

lucas said...

Absolutely brilliant cover art, font and all.

The Richard said...

Perfection. No great surprise, but still a delight.

Morrie said...

Thanks for the alert! Can't wait to hear "Come on home to me" in a Tracie stylee. The original's a firm favourite and is so perfect for her.