February 21, 2010

Lucky Soul: Free new track, A Coming Of Age

That's the new album cover from Lucky Soul's second disc, A Coming Of Age, out on April 5. Previously we've heard two "stonkers" from this album: Whoa Billy! and White Russian Doll. Now they're giving away the title song (scroll down) and the tracklist:

1 Woah Billy!
2 White Russian Doll
3 Up In Flames
4 Love3
5 Upon Hilly Fields
6 A Coming Of Age
7 Warm Water
8 Ain’t Nothin’ Like A Shame (To Bring It All Back Home)
9 That’s When Trouble Begins
10 Southern Melancholy
11 Our Heart
12 Could Be I Don’t Belong Anywhere

Lucky Soul A Coming Of Age FREE MP3 with email signup

The band have a good blog and you can also click here to read what I've said about them in the past. Unlike so much of what I write about, most of their fine music is on iTunes US. They also twitter and must be forgiven for thinking that Damon Albarn is hot.

Here is the band's most recent video, White Russian Doll: