February 24, 2010

Lost Classic: Ben Watt and Estelle, together

Ben Watt and Estelle Pop A Cap In Yo Ass:

Circa 2005, this was the first time I'd heard Estelle. I was tweeting about this song tonight after seeing a preview of Estelle's forthcoming track with David Guetta, Freak. She's so big time now, but in '05 she hooked with with Mr. Tracey Thorn for Cap, a spoken monologue about a girl in love with the absolute wrong boy. I've commented before about how this song is like an edgy Stephen Frears drama set to electronic music

"Must feel good with his chops and his Shox, no longer just another kid from the blocks."

...and here is Estelle on the set of her new video, Freak:

Note it has an interpolation of Soul II Soul's Back To Life!

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