February 20, 2010

Lost classic: Allison Moorer's No Next Time

A great song can be found in any dark corner, in any blacktop, on any highway. In the effort to categorize what we hear, we sometimes ignore music we think may not be our thing. Here is one you might have missed:

This amazing song is by
Allison Moorer, the sister of equally talented Shelby Lynne. It has a classic "I'm done with you" lyric, with the verses sung by the female "protagonist." A male vocalist, Lonesome Bob, leads the chorus as the deceitful lover the woman is leaving for the final time.

No Next Time, written by Allison and Doyle Primm, could be called a country song, but it transcends any categorization with such a passionate, balls-out 7-minute arrangement. Stick with it for the payoff: the electric guitar and orchestral duel that seizes the song at 4:50. Ten years on, this still gives me chills, especially when I hear the "stabbing" strings at 6:08.

No Next Time is from Allison Moorer's 2000 album, The Hardest Part (which, by the way, has a stunning cover image).

Anne Doss, this post is for you. xo


John said...

Any time Allison or Shelby have a new release, I'm there. Great stuff.

Aaron said...

I know exactly what you mean - I sometimes feel really bad for overlooking stuff I don't think fits my "style", then I go back and love it - Which is always nice!