February 28, 2010

London Conversations

As I prepare for London, I've been watching - thanks to @burtnoutcar - Saint Etienne's little promo clips for their London Conversations collection last year. Here are a few...

Sheena Mackey:

"I love rain. If we haven't had rain for awhile, I just get really edgy."

Andy Hackett:

"Sometimes they do have a tendency to throw stones at you."

Nick Sanderson:

"Drink until you make a complete dick of yourself"

Julian Opie:

"I remember... almost physically London if there was somewhere I could live."


Phil said...

Aw! New Picadilly Cafe, (first video). It's gone. Developers forced out the cafe with its gorgeous 50s/60s decor and then recession hit so the place is all boarded up for nothing and no one.

Phil said...

As part of your preparations, XO, go look here for some gorgeous London pics by the lovely Manchester boy, Greg:

Those plaques are amazing and tragic at the same time.