February 10, 2010

Gallery: Everybody's starry eyed

I've been saving some new(ish) photos of pop stars du jour.

Wow. I say this with love, but that is some major photoshopping. Alison Goldfrapp is a pretty woman in real life, but she is not a 22 year old. When you achieve AG's level of success, you get Madonna's retouchers.

Now we know Sade can actually take her hair down and her face does not go with it. One of the few pop icons worthy of respect for being a real person with values that stretch beyond fame and art. Although maybe you can't see all that in this photo by Sophie Muller.

Not sure what this Gaga photo is from, but I am sure one of her "incredible fans, who I love sooooo much" could tell me.

Not quite new, but Courtney Love might want to keep wearing this burka/shroud/veil/bathroom curtain until the (unnecessary) facial fillers wear off. She is looking quite odd these days.

Ellie Goulding, aka The Drew Barrymore of Pop, is one of the least photographed popstars. Seriously, she seems to have done very few photo shoots, so pictures from this one are the only nibbles we have.

Marina And The Diamonds (say it with me: "I am Marina and you are the diamonds"). You might recognize this as the source image for her new single cover. Marina is constantly photographed and has cleaned up quite well from her days warbling in a bedroom in Wales.

Little Boots is trying to launch her (still very good) album in America, which I think is one of the most pointless ventures in pop music today. She looks okay here. Enough said.

I argued awhile back on PopJustice forums that Ellie Jackson of LaRoux could be made quite Vogue with good makeup (no orange lipstick please), and here she is. She claims to have a new sound planned for their next album, so maybe she is moving through the decades to the nineties. All will be revealed.

Last we have the disenfranchised Vince Frank, who likes to "get his kit off" as the British say. He stares down his own snake. And in this photo he poses with a slithery zoo animal.

PS: I love Vince's awesome huge glasses


Yuяi said...

Dayum, you're right. AG looks waay to young here. Don't get me wrong; she looks good but deffo not her age.

jt said...

Did you see the article from today that apparently in France they are going to do something like put labels on photos to alert people to the fact that they've been photoshopped? Hilarious.

Myfizzypop said...

The Marina one is by far my favourite. She looks glorious plus i'm so in love with everything she does at the moment that of course it stood out among the others :)