February 9, 2010

Dan Black's weird science

My what a big gun Dan has there.

What if Dan Black covered Madonna's Into The Groove and mashed it up with Kate Bush's Cloudbusting? It would sound like...

Dan Black Get Into Cloudbusting free MP3

I was pleasantly surprised by Dan's album ((Un)) last year and it's finally out here in the US. I gravitated towards album cuts like Life Slash Dreams, Cigarette Pack and the beautiful Let Go, which are a bit more organic than his electro singles.

US Tour Dates:

February 18 - Mercury Lounge - NYC (w/Free Blood)
February 19 - Foufounes - Montreal
February 20 - Wrong Bar - Toronto
February 22 - 91X/710 Beach Club - San Diego
February 23 - Dim Mak/Cinespace - Los Angeles
February 24 - KROQ/Spaceland - Los Angeles
February 25 - Popscene/330 Ritch - San Francisco (w/Free Energy)



Paul said...

loving this ep, it's epic and fun and clever and not so aren't I avant garde and wonderful as some pop stars (who probably are, but them knowing it puts me off!!)

Anyway, i agree with your choice of album pics too. great :)

ClickThis! said...

can you repost the mashups? the link is dead

xolondon said...

Sorry - that's a label issue. Strange! You might check Hype Machine to see if anyone else posted others?

Adem With An E said...

Worked for me... This is incredible by the way, fucking hell.

Cloudbusting is my FAVOURITE La Bush song. And Black does ITG quite a justice, doesn't he?