January 3, 2010

You give me the tweetest taboo

I started using Twitter in April of 2009 and have since become a bit of a tweeting tramp. I use it only for music related tweets, but I find myself in a lot of mini-conversations with great people all over the world. Thanks to everyone who I talk to there - some of whom are reluctant to post comments here, but are less shy about twittering and I'm very happy about that. xx

My Celebrity Direct Message of the Year - doesn't that sound inane? - is the one above from Maxwell. He was responding to me agreeing with him on the brilliance of Alicia Keys' new song Unthinkable (I'm Ready). Sadly, I did not parlay this tweet into a music-geek friendship... [makes "Maxwellcallme" hand motion]

Which reminds me, I only just noticed, 15 years into his career, that Maxwell has never revealed his real name! All we know is that Maxwell is his middle name and that his father was Puerto Rican so, perhaps, his name could actually be something like Alejandro Maxwell Rivera. We may never know the truth!

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DanProject76 said...

Twitter is geek heaven whether you're mad for music , comedy or TV. I bloody love it when I get replies from people whose work I admire.

Parker said...

It's soooo easy to get in touch using twitter... And if you use Google Reader you have to click to open a new window with the post and then comment it. I'm too lazy for that.

D'luv said...


xolondon said...

D'luv, I am trying to become an International Conglomerate. You should know that!

countpopula said...

I have never been much of an Alicia Keys fan before, but this album is very good. Am liking the Prince-y "Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart" and the Janet-y "That's How Strong My Love Is" a lot (that chord progression is just a wee bit "Come Back to Me").