January 21, 2010

Tracey Thorn: Love And Its Opposite

Tracey Thorn just announced her album on Facebook. It's called Love and Its Opposite and will be out in "mid-May" - in the UK it's on husband Ben Watt's Strange Feeling label and in the US on Merge. It was produced by Ewan Pearson (who did much of her last album) in London and Berlin and is a succinct ten songs ("the PERFECT album length!" sayeth Tracey). Eight of the songs are originals, plus a cover of Come On Home To Me by Lee Hazlewood and The Unbending Trees' You Are A Lover (hear their version).

Tracey's been tweeting for awhile. She's very dry, funny and frank - worth following.

Thanks Richard!

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duanemoody.com said...

This is crazy good news. I LOVE Tracey, and I loved her last album. Can't wait for the new one!