January 4, 2010

Shiny happy birthday for Michael Stipe

Happy 50th Birthday to the enigmatic Michael Stipe, the man who Casey Spooner (of Fischerspooner) once said "could fuck the chrome off a bumper." It's probably hard for anyone under a certain age to understand that R.E.M. was at U2 levels of fame in the early 1990s. A friend of mine once encountered him backstage and asked him to sign something. This is back in the 80's. He looked at her, looked at a line on the paper she was holding and said "This is the river of the world." That's it. Just "This is the river of the world."

Do you like the dewy fresh airbrushed pre-R.E.M. Michael above? Check out his current daddy look. Nice handlebar mustache! I think this is a more representative depiction of Stipe today.

XO's Top Ten Plus One REM Songs

Nightswimming my favorite
Fall On Me
Losing My Religion
Perfect Circle
Turn You Inside Out
These Days
Sweetness Follows
The One I Love
Country Feedback

Here is a bigger post on R.E.M. from 2007. My Top Ten has changed since then!


Howard said...

Happy B-day Michael Stipe! We are all getting older, aren't we? [And by we, I mean Michael & I] Like your list, I would have a hard time picking my own Top 10 - it is always so mood-based with me.

Alicia K said...

Oh, REM. How I used to love you! I couldn't love Accelerate, though. I appreciated the go-get-em attempt at a return to form after the total snooze fest of the other two 00's albums, but something was missing. Alas. I'll always hold a special place for you in my heart.

My top 10:

Begin the Begin
Find the River
The Great Beyond
So. Central Rain
Fall On Me
Disturbance At the Heron House
Sitting Still
The Wake-Up Bomb

xolondon said...

See, I love your picks too! To be honest,I don't buy them anymore. The last song I really liked was Imitation Of Life!

Alicia K said...

Me too - Imitation of Life was among two or three songs I really liked off Reveal, an album which I find to be a total snooze.

I've defended Around the Sun in some circles (it's not THAT bad), but even its lead single was REM by the numbers.

Accelerate is fun and has a lot of decent songs, but nothing that I love. Oh well. I'll still go see them live if they come back around.

That live album at the Olympia is great because they run through so many random old songs. Glad I picked that up.