January 31, 2010

Sade: “This bitch sings when she wants to"

There is an amazing, loaded piece on Sade in the Times today. A must-read since she never gives interviews. Here is a quote about the English press that leaps out...

It can be very hostile, England. Not just to me, to everybody. England’s like a sour old auntie. You go and stay with her although she criticises you all the time and doesn’t treat you right, even when you’re doing your best. But you keep on loving her, in a certain way. And then you die.” She laughs. “Those bitches always outlive you!”
She's such a rare case of a performer that is an admirable human being, one who doesn't really care to tend to living her life as a persona. That said, she is in remarkable shape - watch this video for evidence

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