January 7, 2010

Quote Of The Week: Morrissey

Blogs like this revolve around the minutiae of pop music. As armchair enthusiasts, we speculate endlessly on how we could run the music business. A favorite topic on blogs and message boards is the "botched" campaign. How we know more than the suits who run the labels.

Morrissey had this to say about the state of popular music:

As we all now know, the world of music is purely market-driven – not even youth-driven anymore. Talent or merit or songs do not enter the equation for a split second; the campaign is the thing, the campaign is what is discussed amongst the public, the campaign is what impresses the press, and the songs are never a factor. The labels will only push the "artists" that they themselves have discovered, and have no interest in the self-made, blah, blah.

I should note that Moz, who this week parted with his management company after a rough year, started the above paragraph with this line:
Even though you see the death of culture all around you, you also want to raise whatever it is you do to a higher plane, yet there is no one, it seems, who can inch the Morrissey thing forwards.
So, we find ourselves in 2010 right back where were in 2000, with Morrissey lacking in a music label or management support. What should he do? I think it is safe to say he does still have some great albums left in him (so to speak!).

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Matt said...

Here's what he needs to do:

-new producer
-new band mates or at least co-songwriters
-self release it. He's at the Radiohead size where he can do it all himself and probably make more money doing it and have 100% control; he seems to old fashioned in his thinking to go that route though
-most importantly, make a record like Viva Hate or Bona Drag; do a slow song, piano, strings, electronics, anything but BORING plodding mid tempo guitar rock!!!