January 16, 2010

Pack up the stars before you come for me

Wolf Gang The King And All Of His Men:

When Torr mentioned Wolf Gang recently, I realized I'd never put up this post, which lay in draft since November...

Another brilliant new
Neon Gold act, Wolf Gang is Max McElligott, who claims to "love drama and abhor mediocrity." Indeed. This single is very past-referencing while still sounding au courant. Click here for the free Joe Goddard Remix. I also recommend Nightflying on his myspazz and an earlier single, Pieces Of You, is free at Neon Gold.

There is very little information about Wolf Gang out there right now, but it looks as if he has not begun recording his debut, which isn't due until Fall 2010.


Howard said...

Interesting stuff. I really liked it - the percussion kind reminded me of the interesting scottish bands of the 80s, like Big Country, yet it really was current. Nice find!

KulPop said...

The Baby Monster Remix of "Pieces Of You" really improves on the original track, worth tracking down.

xolondon said...

I have found that mix and am about to play it - thanks!