January 22, 2010

Michael Hutchence, 50

If you were around when Michael Hutchence ruled the world, you should stop and read today's tribute on INXS.com. Each of the band members wrote a note in honor of Michael's 50th birthday. Tim Farriss' is really sad.

One of my favorite INXS songs is the beautiful The Stairs


countpopula said...

I have been to over 300 concerts in the past 25 years, and I would have to say that INXS on the Listen Like Thieves tour way back in 1985 is TO THIS DAY one of the best shows I've ever been to. The band was so incredibly tight, and Michael had massive stage presence which many seem to have forgotten. No matter how one feels about his manner of dying, his talent was a huge loss to the music world. I can only imagine what wonderful things he would have done in the time since he left us, and we would not have had to sit through that dreadful reality show where the band let the public vote for his replacement.

Paul said...

i was a fan of INXS but appreciated their music more in my latter years. I adore Baby Don't Cry, think it's such an epic track...

hatzij said...

Michael was the greatest Australian rock star ever, and along with Jagger, Freddie Mercury and Jim Morrison, one of the greatest of all time.

INXS are very underrated and at their peak sat comfortably alongside U2, R.E.M and mid period Stones.

Some of my personal favourites include Jan's Song, Beautiful Girl, Don't Change, Original Sin and Black & White.

Their imperial album run from Shabooh Shoobah to Welcome To Wherever You Are is incredible.

Michael's side project Max Q is a classic record ahead of its time.

He is sorely missed :<

Howard said...

An amazing performer, singer, and writer. Such a shame he left us when he did - so much more could have been sung.

You are right, Tim's brought a tear to my eye.