January 9, 2010

Marc Almond, back in 2010

Marc Almond is one of those rare career artists that I have a sense of respect for (and pride about). He's consistently done incredible, inventive work for 30 years. His website now reports that he's signed a deal with Cherry Red Records, who will re-issue three albums: Open All Night, Stranger Things and Heart On Snow. They'll be remastered with "relevant extras and existing demos." Open All Night is the first, out in March.

Most importantly, in June Marc is also releasing Variety, his first album of self-written songs since 1999's Open All Night.

XO's Top Ten Plus One Marc Almond Songs

My Hand Over My Heart
Say Hello Wave Goodbye (Almighty Mix or original)
Tears Run Rings video
Redeem Me
Happy Heart
Child Star
The Days Of Pearly Spencer
Meet Me In My Dreams
I've Never Seen Your Face

yes, not so much Soft Cell. I have some gaps there!


Howard said...

That is great news. Been gearing up to do something about him, but have a tough time narrowing things down. Amazing voice, incredible artist!

countpopula said...

Marc Almond=fantastic. I find it hard to think of an artist I have enjoyed more over the years. It goes without saying I am very excited about the new record, especially as I think it is supposed to be double length. He needs it--after all, he hasn't had an album of original songs in several years, and we've heard MANY songs he's performed in that period without albums or even studio versions to call home.

Marc has so incredibly prolific (I'm not sure average people these days have any clue to the breadth of his material solo, with Soft Cell, and on side projects), and it is incredibly difficult distilling a list of favorite songs as there are so many to choose from.

I know he suffered injury a few years ago and nearly died, and for his continued health and recovery, I am quite grateful. However, I wish he would tour the US again--it has been over ten years now, and it seems as though Europe and Russia need only sneeze and he is there performing over and over again. He has also stated that he will no longer write original material as he thinks the world doesn't necessarily need any more Marc Almond songs, and will concentrate on interpretations only. I believe this is a mistake, as Marc seems to forget that he has written some of the best songs of the past three decades! I will be very sad if he decides to turn into some kind of purely nostalgic-karaoke act. THAT IS NOT HIM.

That being said, "My Hand Over My Heart" is my favorite song of his, from a 20-year-old Tenement Symphony album that is in dire need of remastering (Jacky, Pearly Spencer, Beautiful Brutal Thing, Champagne, etc.) C'mon Warner--if not you, let Marc do it. Hell, Trevor Horn even produced half while Dave Ball of Soft Cell did the other!

countpopula said...

Sorry that was so long. As you can see, I am very passionate about this subject.

xolondon said...

My Hand Over My Heart is my top favorite too. At least we have three people here who will buy Marc remasters!

Michael said...

These My Dreams Are Yours
Tears Run Rings
Stories Of Johnny
The Days Of Pearly Spencer
Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart
The Desperate Hours
Carnival Of Life
Youth (Live)
My Hand Over My Heart

xolondon said...

I forgot about the album The Desperate Hours came from! It had a good Pierre et Gilles cover pic, yes?

Michael said...

Yes, Marc and a mermaid.

I loved that album, Enchanted. Very dramatic and lush.

minor disappointments said...

Good news and a nice list! "Say Hello Wave Goodbye" is arguably the best Soft Cell song.

How did you feel about "Orpheus in Exile?"

xolondon said...

You know,I tried with Orpheus, but could not do it!

I love the part of the original Say Hello where he says, "We're strangers meeting for-the-first-time. Okay?"

V said...

I'll buy the remasters for the extra tracks and hopefully ones I don't have.

When "The Stars We Are" came out - Everyone including the record company was calling it Marc's comeback since Soft Cell split. When in fact, Marc had NEVER taken a break from recording since the beginning of Soft Cell. His early releases "Vermin in Ermine", "Stories of Johnny" and "Mother Fist" were some really excellent albums. I'm very fond of them and wish that he'd remaster those with all the extra tracks instead (though I don't mind the later ones.)

Rocco said...

These my dreams are yours,
Only The moment,
Tears run rings,
Beautiful brutal thing,
Something´s gotten hold of my heart (duet with Gene Pitney),
Lover Spurned,
My hand over my heart.