December 10, 2009

Jónsi: You growl, you howl, you show your teeth

Sometimes his feathers are plucked.

If you've been hovering around the edges of Icelandic group Sigur Rós for years, like me, thinking, "Ummm, could we have some lyrics maybe?" [I'll take some shit for that comment!], lead singer Jónsi Birgisson is gearing up to release a major solo record on Parlophone in 2010.

The first track released, Boy Lillokoi, sounds like he's taken up the mantle Bjork abandoned after Vespertine. It's shimmery, uplifting and sounds like it was recorded on a polar cap with an orchestra of 1000. I love the chorus lyric "Go, say no more, use your eyes, the world goes and flutters by. Use your eyes, you'll know you are..."

Boy Lillokoi FREE MP3

Jónsi, who is 34, will release the album, Go, on March 22, 2010. I should note that Boy Lillokoi is on my ipod followed by a new Mary J Blige song. Jarring.

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Michael said...

It's such a good song. Uplifting.