November 11, 2009

Welcome return: Lucky Soul

The first single, White Russian Doll, from their March 2010 album, Coming Of Age.

Lucky Soul White Russian Doll from Ruffa Lane

If you don't know Lucky Soul, read these posts. They're one of the few bands that can be described as having vim, verve and vigor. Their last album, The Great Unwanted, is on iTunes, as well as Whoa Billy!, an amazing single from early 2009 that you can hear on this post.

PS: How about that new logo, design whores?


Vinny Vero said...

I thought they had disappeared. Didn't think to check on them until you posted this. Love it! I like how they sprinkle in hints of Blondie and The Cardigans into their music. Thanks for the heads up!

Tricky said...

Never mind just the logo, I actually love the whole cover - really good. You just can't go wrong with a little arts and crafts and some nice typography.

jsd said...

I love Whoa Billy, it's still in heavy rotation on my iPod. This new track is not really grabbing me though.