November 28, 2009

Take That's week of swag

Take That Live video trailer:

Take That The Garden (live at Abbey Road):

My guilty admission: Take That's 2008 hit The Greatest Day always makes me tear up. I associate it with a lot of things, but mainly the Obama campaign and win. Look at this fan video of the opening of their July 2009 Wembley show. You can skip ahead to about 4:30 to watch the big entrance. It's corny sure, but visually cool, and it certainly provided the grandness a stadium calls for.

It's my theory that this group's success is a distinctly British phenomenon. They are native sons, or the children/brothers/boyfriends of a certain generation, so there is a love for them that transcends the usual chart rankings. British fans almost will these guys forward because they see their lives in them. That they've actually produced better songs in their thirties is what sustains it. If I could put in my two cents, it would be that their next album take a few more chances.

The Live DVD, released last week, is
already the fastest-selling music DVD of all time in the UK. This week, a separate Live 2 CD package out this week, which Fizzy Pop also reviews. I should add that The Circus tour (how many acts can use this theme? Let's put it to rest for awhile!) was staged by Es Devlin, who's done the last two Pet Shop Boys tours, as well as Kanye West and the new Lady Gaga show.

and don't forget your Take That picture book...


John said...
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John said...

I have a similar reaction to "Rule the World", but mine comes more from the ending of Stardust. I am just not affected by the Take That affection, but I guess that just goes to proving your point.

Paul said...

perhaps they are distinctly British. I do wish their songs would permeate the world more because I do think some of their tunes are as world class as Coldplay (and The Feeling should they ever become more massive). Still I'll happily take their current success on this little Isle.

xolondon said...

I don't see how anyone could ever be TOO BRITISH but they are. It just won't fly in this time. America seems locked into a certain kind of male stereotype for its chart stars. It's boring!

As for The Feeling, Paul, I worry they are not going to make it beyond the third record. They are clearly taking their time, still at the demo stage and finally using an outside producer.

trussy74 said...

I totally agree about the affection for them as a band but have to say I've been somewhat disappointed with the records since their comeback. Apart from the two huge hits I found the Beautiful World album quite dull. Rule the World was great but The Greatest Day does nothing for me so I didn't bother with The Circus. It's a shame 'cos I've loved them from the very early days. That said the Gary Barlow song on the Shirley Bassey album is one of my favourite tracks on a fantastic record.