November 30, 2009

Marina, obsessed with the mess that is America

Marina & The Diamonds released a new video today for her (yes, it's just her) first official single Hollywood (see below). The track is one of the "big guns" she's been saving and it's all about the hot mess that is America. In a perfect bit of unintended guerrilla marketing, the Welsh diva(lette) has been in the United States for the past two weeks, in New York City and LA, devouring all things American, which basically means shoes, dresses and $150 breakfasts. Like so many before her who've visited New York for the first time, Marina has declared she wants to live there. To quote Sandra Bernhard, if you can make it there, you'll fail everywhere else!

The song's great and there's no getting over this gem of a line: "Oh my Gawd, you look like just like Shakira, no no you're Catherine Zeta. Actually my name's Marina." The debut album, Family Jewels, is out February 15. She's been taking some shit from fans about the unofficial tracklist having too many familiar songs, which is odd given that we've actually not heard the final versions of most of them.

Note the linked titles take you to the video or demo on youtube

1. Are You Satisfied?
2. Shampain Massive- this could be a hit single.
3. I Am Not A Robot
4. Girls
5. Mowgli's Road
6. Obsessions the best
7. Hollywood
8. The Outsider
9. Hermit The Frog
10. Rootless
11. Numb
12. Guilty

Marina & The Diamonds Hollywood:

Deluxe. It reminds me a bit of the work of photographers Ellen Von Unwerth and Tim Walker. She's totally Vogue now and, thank God, has not gone bottle blond. We don't need another goddamned blond woman in pop music, thanx (except for, of course, Ellie Goulding).

Marina & The Diamonds Glastonbury Interview 2009:

Could she be any cuter?

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Poster Girl said...

Despite not adoring every one of the songs we've heard of hers (I think "I Am Not A Robot" is fine, but I just don't love it like so many people do), she's maybe the "new" artist who I'm most excited about at the moment. I've been in love with "Shampain" since you linked over to somewhere--maybe Fluxblog?--that had it, and it's still probably my favorite of her songs, but both her past couple of singles have been fantastic (and yes, that Shakira/Catherine Zeta line is tough to beat). The video for "Mowgli's Road" really sold me on her--I can't put my finger on it, but there's something very compelling about her in it. This new video makes me love her even more.

And, as someone who at age four was frustratedly coloring over the blond hair of the fairy tale protagonists in her picture books with a brown crayon (and defacing books was not something I did lightly), I say bring on another brunette in pop.

DanProject76 said...

Too many familiar songs?

They are all great songs so I am perfectly happy with the tracklist. They're bound to be re-jigged like you say, and Marina is bloody fantastic.

zen~ said...

People will complain about anything. I'll be glad to have all those songs in CD quality. Marina, I have been waiting....

Karin said...

I knew I could count on you for this info! Thanks! (Love the video but the song isn't that much of a hit in my ears.)

Myfizzypop said...

I'm so confused - so Mowgli's Road isn't the first "official" single? Was that one of those taster singles? Or was it even released at all? I just can't keep up! I like this song well enough, but the video is out now and the song not available til February? That seems crazy to me, but I'm hoping there is method in the madness. I'm desperate for Marina to be massive and can't wait for the album. Shampain needs to be official single number 2 (which by my calculation is single number 5?). Whatever, just be huge already Marina ;)

xolondon said...

I think Mowgli's Road was a special 7" single they did with Neon Gold (679 made deal). Is it really not out until Feb (Hollywood, that is)?

Adem With An E said...

This is my favourite of hers so far, and I've liked the little I've heard. Very appropriate use of the word deluxe too... this really is.