November 15, 2009

Flash mobs make me happy.

Why can't I be around when a flash mob appears? In this case at The Grove in Los Angeles in celebration of Janet Jackson. I love how it grows as it goes (a pun Janet would approve of?). Janet actually showed up and was hidden up in a balcony about one of the stores. That must have been moving for her, to see all those people dancing in unison to her music.

Watching this and hearing how good those songs were makes me realize just how weak her last few albums have been.


John said...

Love it. I really want her to make some kind of a comeback, especially since "Make Me" is such a good song. I really liked Discipline, although I know I was in the minority on that belief.

Paul said...

Gah! Darren and I walked past a flash mob once not even realising it was a flash mob. I could have been doing the time warp with everyone else. I rule at a jump to the left too :(

Yuяi said...

I'm smiling too! I wonder, these folks had to practice right? I count myself a fan, but there's no way in hell I could bust out those moves from memory! And everyone looked in sync... what a sight.