November 4, 2009

Decade's End: The Year 2002

The best day of 2002? July 27, when Jasper came to live with me.

Another fucked up year. Seriously, it was very hard to live in DC at this time. We'd had 9/11, followed by ridiculous anthrax attacks and then, as a final insult, we had a sniper killing people randomly for several months. Whatever. Rather than linger on the drama, I thought this week I'd just comment on the music that made my 2002 list...

I am in the school of thought that finds PSB's Release their worst album, but I LOVE the first single Home And Dry, especially the vocodered middle eight, which I played over and over on a CD Walkman (before the iPod) - when I had to come back from another China trip only 36 hours after I'd landed there. Not good, but I also played
I Miss You by Darren Hayes on repeat. I'm not a fan of his Spin album (the blond phase) but I also loved Insatiable... Beth Orton did what Bjork stopped doing by releasing the uber emotional epic string ballad Paris Train... An amazing Alison Moyet return with Hometime, as was the superb pop album by Pretenders... And Beck produced that spoken word track with Marianne Faithfull that is hot hot hot, but also melancholy. I love it when she says, "and now you have betrayed yourself..." The Alanis song was a total earworm (I also liked So Unsexy from that CD)... Tori's Taxi Ride was for her dead friend Kevyn Aucoin, but it's Gold Dust that I have been playing a lot in 2009, for my own lost friend... And in terms of loss, beautiful Lamya died in 2009. Her '02 album is so fantastic. Her Never's Such a Long Time is another song about losing a loved one... An interesting tidbit about the Toni Braxton and Brandy songs is that both were produced by Brandy's babydaddy, whose name I forget, and both are lush. She killed his career when he left her, but he had a unique pop style... At the end of the mix are two Craig Armstrong compositions. Craig had done strings in the 90s for Madonna's ROL album (and Spice Girls!). These two songs were great, especially because they resurrected brilliant vocalists in Neneh Cherry and David McAlmont. Note that the Armstrong CD also has one of the finest post 9/11 songs by - get this - Evan "Lemonheads" Dando. A heartbreaking orchestral epic called Wake Up In New York. Seriously, FIND that song.

Important: if you don't know Stars' MAJOR song Tonight, which is like a lost ballad from the eighties, read this post.

Frou Frou's Details
was my album of the year. It remains on my Top 20 albums of all time and marked the appearance of Imogen Heap as a major pop artist.

XO’s Favorite Songs of 2002

Pet Shop Boys Home And Dry

Beth Orton Paris Train

Frou Frou Must Be Dreaming

Alison Moyet Do You Ever Wonder
Darren Hayes I Miss You
Marianne Faithfull Sex With Strangers

Stars Tonight

Alanis Morrissette Hands Clean

Pretenders I Should Of

Coldplay Clocks

Tori Amos Taxi Ride

Richard Ashcroft Science Of Silence

Sophie Ellis Bextor Music Gets The Best Of Me

Brandy Wow

Toni Braxton Selfish

Lamya Black Mona Lisa

Neneh Cherry
& Craig Armstrong Twisted Mess
David McAlmont & Craig Armstrong Snow


Tatoonie said...

Hi Jasper.

like this blog most of the songs are a small blur but I like the list...
I'm gonna revisit those songs again.


xolondon said...

If there is something special you cannot find, I'll send you a couple!

Michael said...

*swoon* Wake Up In New York is one of my all-time favorite songs. I liked his This Love with Liz Fraser too. Very sexy.

D'luv said...

My albums that year were Natalie Imbruglia (White Lilies Island), Michelle Branch and Daniel Bedingfield.

Release was rock bottom PSB.

xolondon said...

I don't even know one DB song - he just passed me by!

This Love was also done around the same time by Sarah Brightman!

Paul said...

I do love these write ups - so very wonderful :) I think (apart from Alanis and a few others) we had very different tastes in music in 2002 but there are some great tunes here :)

zen~ said...

As always, you have a lot of songs that would go in my own list of faves for that year. Lord knows how many times I put 'Sex With Strangers'on compilation CDs I made for the home system and the car!! 'Details' will always be an amazing album; it never seems to date when I revisit it. Guy and Imogen were on fire on this album!

DanProject76 said...

Oh yeah, I bought the Best Laid Plans soundtrack album just for that Craig Armstrong and Neneh Cherry track. The Armstrong album was also bloody good stuff.

Alison Moyet's Hometime was definitely an underrated highlight.

Phil said...

I wish I could remember 2002. All the early noughties (yes! that word) have blended into one for me. But "The Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)" does stand out for some reason.

babs said...

I'm not remembering 2002 either very well. I know that I was in AZ and freaked about the sniper stuff. I can't remember what music I listened to either.

I think it was a blur, which probably means it was mostly okay. I know it wasn't the year I broke my wrist or got my cats. (2004, 2007 and 2008)

Yep, getting Jasper is probably the best thing about '02 because he's so wee and cute.

Anonymous said...

gee!!!!.those are my favoutite songs too,just excluding one or two.i still have them in my playlist.time to revisit my songs
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