November 22, 2009

Cover Story: Charlotte Gainsbourg

Perfect album cover. I am so obsessed with her. And she gets more amazing every year. In mid March, I will be sitting at Cafe Hugo in Place des Vosges (in Paris). You think Charlotte will show up and drink a bottle of wine with me? One lives on the vapors of dreams, oui?

A preview of the
IRM édition limitée... tres belle.


Brad said...


I'm in love with "IRM."

xolondon said...

So far I am a bit disappointed, but I have not heard the full album. Fingers crossed.

countpopula said...

I have to admit I have not been a fan of what I have heard so far, but then again, I am not really a Beck fan, and respect her more for what she did last time with Air, Jarvis Cocker, and Neil Hannon. My expectations have dropped considerably in regards to the music, yet she remains quite lovely.

Have you seen that von Trier movie Antichrist yet? Supposedly she turns in one hell of a performance, although it is also supposed to be one hell of a shocking movie.