October 30, 2009

Shakira's bedroom stories

As has been said by others, Shakira's new single, Did It Again, is not that great. It should have been Men In This Town. But the video is superb. Why hasn't this been done before? A whole love affair metaphorically danced on a bed. In this case, the male lover is played by Madonna's former favorite dancer, Daniel Cloud Campos.

If you don't remember him, check out the wanky fan video of him below. He appeared with Madonna on both the Reinvention and Confessions tours, as well as Live 8. He also famously made his boss a tribute video for her birthday. Had she not been married to Guy Ritchie at the time, Cloud might have been the "Jesus" of that time period (see bottom clip).

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Mr. Will-W. said...

She's really brilliant (re: Shakira). I am expecting very big things of this album. This second single is a grower even thought it sounds like something Pharrell conceptualized for "Hard Candy". Will check up on you in a month or two after it's sunk into public conscience a bit more.