October 30, 2009

Robbie: Don't call it a comeback.

Robbie Williams is now doing video podcasts on iTunes - yes, even for the Americans. The third one is below, and here are #1 and #2.

His performance this week at Electric Proms was quite a return to form after years of hiding under a Unabomber beard, roaming American deserts looking for UFOs... and American desserts. You'd also never know from this performance that he increasingly suffers from stage fright.

Robbie's new album Reality Killed The Video Star (the title is witty nod to his producer Trevor Horn) is his best in ten years. I've heard some comments that it is a bit "adult contemporary," but Robbie is a bit adult himself, finally, at 35. The album has a string of great discopop tunes (Starstruck, Last Days Of Disco and Difficult For Weirdos), some lush ballads (Deceptacon and the Elton-y Blasphemy) and some swaying pop (next single You Know Me and Morning Sun). I highly recommend it - someone needs to hold up the mantle for solo male pop stars, an endangered species.


Myfizzypop said...

oh thanks - i didn't know about the podcasts so that's a welcome surprise :) Loving the album so very much. And the proms performance was (ahem) indeed electric!

Keep up to date on our adventures. said...

Thanks for the post - I LOVE the album - it's sophisticated pop music at times very Robbie and at times very Trevor Horn. Last Days of Disco is gagging for a long re-edit.
Starstruck is gorgeous