October 9, 2009

The Return Of Charlotte Gainsbourg

Download the title track of her new album IRM now at charlottegainsbourg.com

Not sure what to think of this... it's not much of a song. It was inspired by the sound of the MRIs she had when she suffered a cerebral hemorrhage in 2007. It's probably one of those tracks that works better in the context of a full album.


Joseph said...

This almost sounds like Charlotte as produced by "Third" era Portishead...which is to say, where is the song?

It's interesting but I hope you're right - that it works in the context of the record. 5:55 was so gorgeous. I hope for more of that.

xolondon said...

FINALLY a comment. All these GagAlejandro fans and not a Charlotte groupie in the bunch until you. Wish she'd put the new video up. ;(

Good Portishead call.