October 6, 2009

I know that I love you... Especially when you do all the things I want you to

Congratulations to Lucas Miré on his new album, out now on iTunes and bandcamp, where you can hear the songs. He's a folky, yes, but manages to be the cheekiest loverboy on the troubadour circuit. I suspect many people meet Lucas and think he's going to drag them into the cloakroom for a go-round. I mean, the man put a picture of his pillowcase on his CD... he's got that vibe. He's also a great lyricist... Flat Earth Theory (hear it) is terrific. If you date Lucas, you just might ended up immortalized in song, so be nice and be hot!

Lucas lives in my old hometown, Atlanta, where he has a sexy bachelor pad. That I have never been in.

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Paul said...

I really liked his first album! I'm desperate to get this, but haven't gotten round to it yet, and now money is tight this month (lots of holiday bills to pay)! Will definitely be getting soon though - i love his voice :)