October 9, 2009

Caught in a bad romance.

My problem with Lady Gaga has always been about the music: I don't like it. It's catchy pop; she does have a handle, for sure, on melody, but she relies on a lot of gimmickry. It's all surface with Gaga, no depth. Aggressive bravado in a bad wig.

But I've also said that if she ever released a song I liked, I'd tell you. Her new single, the Bon Jovi-in-Ibiza raver Bad Romance is - for the most part - Gaga/RedOne by numbers.


The chorus is beautiful. When she actually sings in a full, throaty voice she transforms into a sort of Eurodisco Joan Baez. That voice first appears about one minute in and you instinctively want to hum along with the (anthemic) ohhhhhhs. The moment is ruined when she reverts back to her trademark ba ba oh la la ca ca and it gets even worse when she channels a drunken lounge singer on the verses.

The sound of Bad Romance may be a conscious attempt to close out The Fame "cycle" by sticking to the sound of the debut. I would not be surprised if she follows this up with a completely new set of collaborators. If she's as smart as she seems to be, that's what will happen.

So this is where I stand music-wise. I do admire her forthrightness in urging fans to attend this weekend's Equality March in DC. She'll be here for the HRC dinner with Obama, so her commitment is genuine.

Hear Bad Romance via youtube


Anonymous said...

I think I love GaGa 10000x more than you but I agree she should shift direction. I'd LOVE if she goes the way of her leaks "2nd Time Around" (maybe my fave song this year) and "Don't Call My Name."

But Joan Baez? WHAT. Then again, I've only ever heard her song on the Forrest Gump soundtrack (for real) (and that E. Goulding track is niiiice, btw. Thanks for tip.)

Unknown said...

Would you admire Perez Hilton for I do admire his forthrightness in urging blog readers to attend this weekend's Equality March in DC?

It's pretty facile and just plays into the whole unedifying "for God and the gays" Gaga mythology?,

xolondon said...

I don't really buy Perez Hilton's brand of activism, so no, I would not ever admire Perez Hilton.

I also don't think gaga is using the gay audience. She is practically a gay man.

xolondon said...

PS Don't take my Joan Baez comment too literally!

Unknown said...

I tend to agree with you. There are times I have seen some real musical talent buried deep under the costumes and performance art. Until it rears it's head, I find myself sitting back and waiting, sighing a great deal.

Brad said...

I think I like the song. Back and forth, back and forth...Our/my ceaselessly tangled love/hate relationship with the Gaga continues.

A gorgeous photo to use, by the way.

Myfizzypop said...

My general opinion of the woman pretty much mirrors yours. She's achieved a lot though and some songs are ok. This one has yet to grow on me, I'm unsure about the whole Fame Monster package, but perhaps it isn't meant to appeal to people like me. And I'm sure her bank account won't lose any sleep over that!! And yes, great choice of picture.

Yuяi said...

Good on you for taking to the blog-waves for some Lady GaGa cred, even if was more of a back-handed compliment. lol

I'm afraid a full on XO-endorsement of LG would surely signal the Apocalypse.

xolondon said...

Gaga fans need to take the scraps I throw happily!


Exactly. The gimmicks are beyond now. Even I'm irritated and I've been championing her from the start. I like your description, re: Bon Jovi in Ibiza :)